Filter core, function, and replacement time


The filter removes impurities such as stones, sediment, sludge,
iron rust, and suspended particles.

3 months

Remove heavy metals and organic substances,
improving the taste and odor of the water.

3-6 months

Eliminate strange tastes and water treatment chemicals.

3-6 months


Regulate water quality to maintain purity

6-12 months


Add minerals to the water naturally after passing through the RO membrane.

12 months

Regulate the water composition to keep it pure.

12 months

Eradicate harmful bacteria from the environment.

6-12 months


Increase the pH level in the water.

12 months

  • Remove any excess water treatment chemicals.
  • Eliminate bacteria, heavy metals, harmful impurities, and dissolved substances in the water.

12-24 months

Destroy disease-causing bacteria and viruses in water without any adverse effects.

Phillips UV lamp.