Operational Cycle Diagram

  1. 3-way valve
  2. PP filter
  3. Low pressure (No water source, the machine does not operate)
  4. Granular activated carbon filter (UDF)
  5. Compressed activated carbon filter (CTO)
  6. Solenoid valve (No water flow when the machine is not operating)
  7. Pressure pump
  8. R.O housing
  9. R.O membrane
  10. Regulating valve
  11. Horizontal valve
  12. High pressure (Automatically shuts off when the tank is full)
  13. Pressure tank
  14. Vertical valve
  15. Activated carbon filter (T-33)
  16. Water faucet


– Installation and usage must follow the instructions of the technical staff.

– After installation, customers should flush out 10 liters of water before use to clean any dirt accumulated during installation.

– If there are air bubbles in the water on the first day of use, it is a normal physical phenomenon and does not affect health. This phenomenon will disappear after a few days of use.