10 inch Cotton Spiral Wound Cartridges Filter


The price ranges from 45,000 VND to 95,000 VND.

Material: 100% polypropylene/cotton

Filtration rating: 5 microns


High durability, capable of holding large sediment.

Non-leaching, does not compromise the filtration media.

Flow rate: 2 – 10 GPM (450 – 2200 liters per hour) per 10” length

The 10-inch PP fiber filter cartridge is a depth-style filter cartridge made of a chain of small fibers wound around a core in the center of the filter cartridge.

The filter holes’ structure is similar to honeycomb: denser and thicker on the outside and becoming more porous deeper inside.

Specific techniques are used to tightly wind the fiber yarns around the foam core, contributing to excellent filtration results.